11-13 September 2018   NEC Birmingham

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Visitor Zone

Create and download your own schedule for RWM 2017

Visitor zone RWM


Use the website to favourite the Seminars, Exhibitors and Products you want to see at RWM 2017 and download a personalised plan to optimise your time at the show.


Create your own seminar schedule    

Favourite the seminars relevant to you and print off your own schedule.


Find exhibitors and products easily 

Create a downloadable list of the exhibitors and products you want to see so you can find them easily at the show. 


Log in 

Log in to the Visitor Zone


How to use the Visitor Zone 

What is the visitor zone?

Login to the visitor zone on RWM and you will be able to:

  • Save your favourited echibitors, products, seminars
  • Download a PDF containing all your favourited items in a personalised plan 
  • Email your personlised plan to yourself or to colleagues
  • Discover exhibitors, products and seminars you might not have considered with our matching tool 


Where can I find my login details?

After you have registered for your free RWM ticket you will receive an email with your login details for the visitor zone which will consist of a username and password.

Look out for the email titled:

"IMPORTANT INFO – Your Visitor Zone Log In Details”

Why do I need to plan my trip to RWM?

RWM is a large show with a lot of exhibitors. Planning which items you want to see in advance will save you time and optimize your experience.

Creating and downloading your personalised schedule before the show on the visitor zone will direct your journey at the show through the areas most relevant to you. 

How can the visitor zone help me?

Browse the RWM website whilst seamlessly adding your favourites all in one place.

Shortlist the items you want to see and plan your route  to make the most of your day.

At RWM access the visitor zone on your mobile to remember which items you want to see or download and print your personal PDF with all items highlighted. 

After RWM you can use the visitor zone to find the exhibitors you'd like to contact and purchase from.

How can I add something to my favourites?

Browse the  exhibitor list, product listseminar programme or the visitor zone and click on the star displayed on an item.

The item will automatically be saved to your favourites in the visitor zone.

Remember that you must be logged in for the item to save.

What is the white bar along the bottom?

When logged in you may notice a white bar along the bottom of your screen with your name on it. This bar is your quick access to the visitor zone.

  • Freely browse the site and save items to your favourites whilst staying logged in to the visitor zone.
  • Click on your name to launch the visitor zone at any time.
  • See a live counter of the items you favourite.

What can I find in the Dashboard?

  • See the items that are popular with other visitors.
  • See the items you recently added to your favourites

What can I find in Favourites?

  • See all the items you've added to your favourites
  • Download and Print a PDF of your favourites
  • Email  a PDF of your favourites to yourself or somebody else

What can I find in Discover?

  • See items you might like based on your favourites
  • See items you might like based on your interests
  • See items that are popular with other visitors
  • See our featured items

What can I find in Profile?

  • Your profile details (please note that any changes made to your profile will only apply to your visitor zone profile, they will not change on your RWM badge).
  • Tags - these are the tags associated with your profile.
  • Account - your email address and password.

What if I don't like a recommended item?

Don't like something recommended to you in the visitor zone?

No problem!

Simply click on the thumbs down icon next to the plus sign to let us know that you don't like it.

Where can I change my password?

In the Visitor Zone go to

  • Profile
  • Click on 'Edit Profile'
  • Select Account
  • Select 'Edit Password'

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