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Local Authority Trail

For anyone in local authority or local government working in waste or fleet management. 

The Local Authority Trail will highlight all exhibitors and content relevant to those responsible for waste management and resource, legislative issues, highlighting strategy and best practice of municipal waste management, and also exhibitors and content relevant to managers of fleets of vehicles.

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RWM Trails

The RWM Trails are a simple, time-saving tool designed to help you identify exhibitors and content relevant to you, whether your main interests lie in Energy, Water, Recycling or Waste. Simply look out for the Trail logo that best suits your interests and use this to navigate the event. You’ll find these Trail logos online, on the app and in our show guide. We’ve also put this logo on any content we think you’d find useful (including readable content and live show seminars).

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Tuesday, 12th September           09:30 - 17:30

Wednesday, 13th September     09:30 - 17:30

Thursday, 14th September         09:30 -  16:00