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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


The UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition

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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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      Ian Martin - SUEZ Water Treatment Solutions

      The potential of water reuse in municipal and industrial sectors

      Regulatory, technical and financial considerations of enhanced water reuse


      Pawel Kisielewski - CCm Technologies Ltd

      Waste is only a resource in the wrong place

      Amongst recently introduced environmental legislation, the UK government announced the first Environment Bill in over 20 years; likely to bring together two significant strategic themes at the top of the UK and European green agenda – the growing Circular Economy momentum and the reformation of agricultural policy. In the cross hairs of these themes are petrochemical based fertilisers; an acknowledgement that the bio side of the economy is finally being prioritised.


      David Thomas - Mintfinity (Clean Up Britain partner)

      21 st Century Waste – Deposit Return, Digital Printing & Smart Bins

      Packaging is waste and waste is packaging. The arrival of high volume digital printing opened the door to a revolution in post consumption packaging management. Empty packaging carrying a deposit provokes better consumer responsibility around disposal. Smart Bins generate an inventory of items they contain and exclude contamination. Collectors and recyclers premium process known items from identified producers providing auditable proof of sustainable packaging end-life management that feeds into producers marketing campaigns.


      Robbie Staniforth - Ecosurety Ltd

      A packaging compliance fee – the valve for a pressure cooker

      An in depth look at the challenge of meeting packaging recycling targets over the next 3 years and how a simple amendment could drastically improve the system.


      Nikki DiGiovanni and Tricia Watson - Re:Form

      Disrupting Workwear Waste

      Re:Form is part of CCORRN, Cambridgeshire Community Reuse and Recycling Network, a social enterprise working with companies and local authorities to provide community reuse and remanufacturing. Working with Veolia UK and their clients to create Circularity Through Positive Procurement whilst achieving additional socio environmental impact. We will share our rethinking procurement, from commissioning new workwear to purchasing re manufactured products made from the uniforms that were unsuitable for reuse.


      Mr Chris James – Chief Executive Officer (Wamitab), Dr Tracey Leghorn - HR Director, SUEZ, Dr Adam Read - External Affairs Director, SUEZ

      Future Skills needs for sustainability and circular economy

      The pace of change is not letting up; the need to be more circular for both those who produce and those who manage waste and resources will not wait for the slowest to catch up. Skills development must keep up with these changes. This seminar will explore the changes and how technology is being and can be used to maximise the impact of the circular economy. It will explore the opportunities but also the threats that inaction will bring


      "Stuart Hayward-Higham, SUEZ, Roger Morton, Andy Whyle, Ricoh"

      UK Resources Council – progress, next steps, scale and opportunity?

      This session aims to tie both ends of the resouces council together while demonstating the work carried out to date with a view to changing how the entire sector will operate. This discusison will explore the implications across all points in a resources journey through to the end of its life.