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11 & 12 SEPT


UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition & Conference

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For over 40 years, Ecolo has been an industry leader in innovative and environmentally-friendly odor control. Ecolo proudly offers the industry’s most comprehensive line of proprietary formulations and odor control systems including pneumatic delivery systems, vapor delivery systems and portable oscillating vapor cannons. Our ISO certified facility, trusted by distributors worldwide, produces solutions for air atomization, waterless vapor, and biochemical additives that eliminate odors at their source.

    • Wednesday


      11.00 - 11.30

      Pamela Lloyd

      The benefits of segregating & recycling food waste

      ST Green Power is one of the largest Food Waste recyclers in the UK; recycling over a quarter of all household food waste currently collected (via over 50 local authority recycling contacts) and servicing many waste collection, food manufacturing and retail businesses. Pamela will explore the benefits of recycling food waste via Anaerobic Digestion vs. alternative routes, helping you understand and build a business case for segregation/recycling of your waste.


      11.45 - 12.15

      Morgan Lynch

      Growing your business without growing your costs

      How to better use your current resources to grow your business. Leveraging current staffing and vehicles to support additional growth. This seminar will look at some approaches to using new technology to encourage and support business growth without incurring a corresponding increase in costs.


      12.30 - 13.00

      Keith Trower

      Evolving the Plastics Market.

      The use of plastics has grown exponentially, with global production rising from 15 million metrics tons in 1964 to 311 in 2014. Single-use plastic products representing, 25% of total volume and 95% of value. And, whilst the intended life is typically less than a year, the material can live on for centuries. The benefits of plastics have come at a price. Now is the time to re-think and innovate.


      14.00 - 14.30

      Peter Badham

      Measuring odour pollution as it happens: a case study.

      A look into automated odour sampling at remote locations and investigating odour pollution as it occurs. Focusing on controlling and resolving nuisance complaints in a timely and accurate manner with the help of cutting-edge sampling equipment.


      14.15 - 14.45

      Dan Robinson

      Future Food Waste: Reusing unavoidable food waste & packaging and feeding Anaerobic Digestion

      Sharing details of multiple live projects, Dan will show how a new generation of aerobic digesters are helping businesses to close the gap when dealing with food waste, composting packaging, helping anaerobic digestion plants work more efficiently and capture carbon that would have contributed to climate change. Combining on-site food digestion with other green technology is helping large sites to reduce their carbon footprint and save money, proving green solutions needn’t cost the earth…