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With 10 theatres plus a main Keynote stage, our programme of seminars and expert panels promise high quality conference level content.

From theatres focusing on business growth, innovations and future resources through to those looking at machinery, handling and logistics, materials and energy efficiencies, we will be covering a broad range of topics from waste management to the circular economy.

Our seminar programme features over 100 expert speakers from all sectors, who play a key role in defining the industry and developing revolutionary new technology and innovations.

Running alongside our speaker sessions are a range of panels featuring leaders from across the industry. These debates will address wide ranging topics throughout the recycling, resource and waste management industry.


Keynote Theatre

Sponsored by Zappshelter

The Keynote theatre is where you can hear from experts across the waste management sector discussing major issues and challenges around how resources, waste and products are dealt with from inception to disposal and re-use. Industry experts in the circular economy will be discussing pioneering new methods, technologies, and innovative approaches to improve sustainability and maximise efficiencies globally. 


Energy from Waste Theatre Sponsored by Novalux Energy Solutions

Energy from Waste Theatre

Sponsored by Novalux Energy Solutions

Examining key strategies organisations can adopt to generate energy from waste cost-effectively. Topics include the future of advance thermal treatment, the carbon intensity of future energy from waste and residue management. 


Data & Digital Transformation Theatre  Sponsored by Evreka

Data & Digital Transformation Theatre 

Sponsored by Evreka

The Data & Digital Transformation Theatre looks at the implementation of technologies to optimise resource management and how to digitise operations. Topics will include using artificial intelligence to identify different materials, IoT technologies for monitoring equipment and collecting data on operations. And, importantly, how to make the most of the information generated. 


Machinery & Equipment Theatre Sponsored by Herbold Meckesheim GmbH

Machinery & Equipment Theatre

Sponsored by Herbold Meckesheim GmbH

Examining the latest technology and machinery available for businesses to maximise revenue from waste, featuring the latest lifting, sorting, shredding, baling and compacting machinery, to the latest treatments and recycling processes being used to repurpose and reuse these collected and recovered resources. Topics will include health and safety training, fire suppression, and processes for increased productivity. 


Packaging Theatre Sponsored by Valpak Ltd

Packaging Theatre

Sponsored by Valpak Ltd

The Packaging Theatre is where visitors can learn about new packaging techniques and materials and discover where products fit into the circular economy. Topics will include, EPR, compliance, new packaging materials and technologies, and case studies on dealing with different types of packaging. 


Waste Tech Theatre

Local Authority Theatre 

Sponsored by Yotta


Situated in the Local Authority Lounge, this theatre is exclusively for local authorities to explore the unique challenged, technologies and transformations required in recycling, waste, and resource management.


Collections and Transport Theatre

Collections and Transport Theatre


The Collections and Transport Theatre is where you can learn about the latest collection vehicles, street sweepers and other waste handling systems. Topics will include reducing emissions, electric vehicles, safety systems and collection harmonisation. 

Waste to Energy Theatre Sponsored by Sumitomo SHI FW

Waste to Energy Theatre

Sponsored by Sumitomo SHI FW

The Waste to Energy theatre looks at how organisations can optimise the production of energy through recovering waste. Topics include modular waste-to-energy plants, harnessing the potential of our waste and innovations in the sector.


Circular Economy Theatre Sponsored by TOMRA Sorting Ltd  

Circular Economy Theatre

Sponsored by TOMRA Sorting Ltd  

The Circular Economy is gathering momentum as organisations recognise the urgent need to close the loop on our use of resources. The Circular Economy Theatre covers the technologies, initiatives, processes and legislation that are needed to progress the journey to a circular economy.


Energy and Materials Theatre 

Energy and Materials Theatre 

Focussing on different materials, innovations, new technologies and processes, their role in the circular economy and new methods of handling and recycling. The Energy and Materials theatre will also be delving into technologies and insights to help organisations become more energy efficient and sustainable. 

Recyclers and Reprocessors Theatre 

Recyclers and Reprocessors Theatre 

This theatre will look at the latest treatments and recycling processes being used to repurpose and reuse collected and recovered resources. The Recyclers and Reprocessers theatre will explore the latest technologies and machinery to process different materials to ultimately enable a more circular economy.


  • RWM is a one stop shop for everything from items you can procure “now” to networking with blue sky innovators for the “future”. RWM was a wonderful collaboration of innovation, analysis, manufacturing, startups, and anything you can think of involving waste conversion and waste processing. I was so pleased with all of the options of vendors and experts to talk to.
    Dr Anne Meier