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The RWM Letsrecycle Live On-Demand platform provides access to relevant, thought-leading content from anywhere, at any time. An exclusive, ever-growing library of digital events across the RWM Letsrecycle sector, where key industry experts share insights into the current recycling and waste management news and how to best operate in it.



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Here’s a snapshot of topics we have covered in 2022 and topics we will cover soon:

  • Energy from Waste
  • Digital Transformation
  • Packaging
  • Fire Suppression
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Health & Safety


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Energy from Waste


Hear all the updates with selected speakers from across the sector on industry progress, innovations and challenges being faced.

The conversation around energy from waste is important to a wide range of people within the waste sector to understand and hear updates for a variety of reasons, therefore not one to miss this month.

Energy from Waste and BioEnergy is a solution capable of diverting materials that can’t be recycled away from landfill, as well as one that offers practical ideas to help meet modern-resource needs.

Watch on-demand to hear from our experts

Digital Transformation

digital transformation

Digital Transformation is at the forefront of the resource and waste management industry - from robotics, AI, and data collection analytics, it looks to drive efficiency and plan for the future.

Hear the latest in the digital transformation world from our selected speakers. 

The topic focus is on:

  • How AI & Robotics are improving recycling efficiency & profitability
  • Kerbside Deposit Return Scheme - The case for a Consistent Digital solution across the UK.
  • Digitalisation for the Compliant Export of Green List Waste



Making sure our packaging is recyclable is the first step in the resource and waste management process.

The Packaging Spotlight is where visitors can learn about new packaging techniques and materials and discover where products fit into the circular economy.

Topics will include, EPR, compliance, new packaging materials and technologies, and case studies on dealing with different types of packaging.