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Pankaj Chowdhary

Pankaj Chowdhary

Managing Director, Ekman Recycling Limited

Pankaj has over 30 years’ experience with paper recycling companies globally, has travelled extensively in Western and Asian markets. He set up Reliance Fibres Limited in the UK in 2004.

In 2016 Reliance Fibres Limited was acquired by the Ekman Group, subsequently the name was changed to Ekman Recycling Limited in 2018.

Pankaj remains the company’s Managing Director of Ekman Recycling Limited in United Kingdom, responsible for all operations, purchases and sales.

Ekman Group founded in Sweden in 1802 focuses on the “global forest industry” and is one of the largest Forest Product Trading Companies in the World.

Ekman ships annually about five million tonnes of pulp, paper and packaging, recovered materials and bio-energy products in over one hundred countries with its own offices in 40 locations worldwide.

Ekman Recycling Limited are members of the Recycling Association UK & a Upper Tier accredited Brokers of Controlled Waste with the UK Environment Agency.

In personal capacity Pankaj sits on the board of The Recycling Association Limited & is much involved in the legislation within the recycling industry in UK.

Pankaj is a keen golfer & a wine enthusiast.