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Nigel Dent

Nigel Dent

Head of Sales, Connected Energy

With 20+ years experience in the low carbon energy and manufacturing sectors, Nigel has worked with Connected Energy over the past 4 1/2 years to commercialise a range of second life energy storage systems using electric car batteries. In the emerging energy storage sector, a key focus of Connected Energy is to provide customers with end to end expertise and support in developing projects.
Nigel worked in the energy efficiency sector for 5 years as business development manager for Ista Energy Solutions, a global leader of energy management and low carbon consultancy. Prior to Ista Nigel led the Low Carbon Development Initiative for Renewables East, a government funded organisation created to de-risk low carbon energy infrastructure projects.
Nigel has a masters degree in Project Management and spent his early career with Rolls-Royce for 8 years delivering large scale energy projects for land and power applications.