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Mario Cordero

Mario Cordero

Director of Group Innovation, Welding Alloys Group

Mario Cordero is Welding Alloys Group Innovation Director, with more than thirty years of experience in materials science in areas as diverse as primary metrology, electroceramics (including photocatalysis, piezoelectrics and superconductors), and more recently welding engineering and metallurgy. He holds multiple titles such as BEng(Hons), MPhil, PhD, CEng, IWE/EWE and Fellow of The Welding Institute in the UK from world class institutions such as NIST (USA), Cambridge University (UK), TWI (UK), etc. He has made important contributions in multiple sectors such as automotive, oil and gas, shipbuilding, energy, etc. He is a passionate professional currently leading a multidisciplinary team that maintains continuous innovation at Welding Alloys Group.