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Lynsey Mann

Lynsey Mann

National Health, Safety and Environment Officer - GMB Union, GMB Union

Lynsey Mann has worked for the GMB as the National Health Safety and Environment Officer for 6 years, advising and assisting members on H&S issues as well as negotiating around H&S with employers at a national level. She previously worked in the Environmental Health and Housing teams at London Borough of Barking and Dagenham carrying out environmental protection and public health work for around 10 years, after gaining her MSc Environmental Health at UWE in Bristol. She has been involved in WISH since starting her employment at GMB and chairs the Worker Engagement and Leadership subgroup. The group have produced two tools for waste and recycling organisations, to self measure how effective their worker engagement and leadership is, and aid in working out how to improve it. Lynsey was elected as a lay trustee on the Board of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine in 2019 and is currently involved in the current review of the SEQOHS standards for Occupational Medicine and Occupational Health providers.