Kate Wild

Veolia Water Technologies

The importance of chemistry for treatment of raw water and effluent

About Kate Wild

Kate Wild is Business Development Manager for the Water Treatment Chemicals arm of Veolia Water Technologies. Kate has worked in the field of industrial water treatment for over 20 years with extensive experience with all types of industrial systems and processes and expertise in all areas of water treatment including pre-treatment, process systems, utilities and waste water.

Chemical treatment is a vital part of raw water and wastewater processing in industrial manufacturing. The requirements of any plant will vary depending on the industry, processes and wastewater plant – as well as local or national regulations and licence conditions – the chemicals used, pH neutralisers, anti-foaming agents, coagulants and flocculants can have a dramatic impact on plant performance. We look at the purpose of these chemicals and how optimisation of wastewater dosing can save time and money.

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