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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


The UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition

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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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Do you want to save the planet?
Jeremy Paxman: Speaking at the RWM Exhibition

Jeremy Paxman

Patron of Clean Up Britain

Britain's Growing Litter Problem

Britain has a huge problem with litter. It's a national embarrassment how filthy and run-down Britain looks.
20m people admit to dropping litter in this country. This has massive social, financial, welfare and environmental consequences.
There's only one sustainable solution, and that's changing the behaviour of people who do litter.
Government-supported initiatives have failed - we need a new joined-up, courageous and innovative approach to win the War on Waste.

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Jeremy Paxman will be speaking in the following theatres:

Keynote Theatre - Thursday 11.00 - 11.45: Britain's Growing Litter Problem