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Ioanna Kyriazi

Ioanna Kyriazi

Senior Consultant, Waste and Resource Management, Ricardo Energy & Environment

Ioanna is a senior consultant within the Waste and Resources Management team at Ricardo Energy & Environment. She works with local authorities and the private sector, helping them achieve their sustainability goals. Ioanna's key strength is modelling; this includes: options appraisals, material flows forecasting, resource and cost modelling for collection scheme changes, as well as assessing the carbon impact of waste collections and treatment. Most recently, she has taken a lead role in examining greenhouse gas emissions arising from the various interconnected and complex components of waste management systems. Ioanna has modelled the carbon mitigation scenarios for the ESA's net zero strategy and developed a proprietary carbon assessment tool to calculate the emissions from collections, transport and treatment of waste, including the impact of fuel and electricity consumption in facilities. With the focus on the industry shifting to the climate emergency upon us, Ioanna has been increasingly supporting a number of local authorities and private companies in estimating their carbon footprints, and guiding them on emissions reduction strategies and plans.