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Eric Vogel

Eric Vogel

Co-founder, Circularr, Ltd

Eric is the co-founder of Circularr, a blockchain development company focused on the incubation and development of crypto assets backed by recycled sustainable commodities. The first asset will be backed by plastic recycling and the value of rPET plastic called Circular Plastic Coin or “$CIRP”. Eric is also a partner at Naeco & Reborn which has developed a vertical supply chain to recycle ocean and post consumer plastics into textiles and merchandise. Reborn has also developed bespoke reverse vending machines (RVM's) to recycle plastic and other materials. The RVM's have integrated Circularr blockchain technology to provide transparency and traceability through the recycling process. Eric brings over 10+ years of experience developing and scaling multiple businesses. With a passion for technology, recycling, and R&D. Eric has been involved in numerous development projects, including leading a private project with Google.