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Eilidh O'Connor

Eilidh O'Connor

Senior Waste Management Consultant, Vegware

Eilidh O’Connor MCIWM is Senior Waste Management Consultant at compostable packaging manufacturer Vegware. She combines technical expertise with a practical and engaging approach, working with waste and FM professionals to deliver successful composting schemes for foodservice clients.

A Chartered Resource and Waste Manager, she has over a decade of experience creating end-of-life solutions for Vegware’s compostable packaging. This has ranged from setting up new waste streams in multi-stakeholder corporate campuses, to winning awards, to running Vegware’s own waste collection service in Central Belt Scotland.

Eilidh has been a driving force in increasing UK businesses’ access to commercial composting – regular collections are now available in 46 of the UK’s largest cities, with other options UK-wide.