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Cat Fletcher

Cat Fletcher

Co-Founder and Media Director, Freegle
The Resource Goddess: It's not waste until you waste it. Cat Fletcher is an award-winning and tireless waste-prevention activist, researcher and practitioner. She is at the frontline of facilitating and accelerating reuse in Brighton (UK) and beyond. In 2009 Cat co-founded Freegle: UK's biggest online free reuse network now with 3 .5 million members and she still does all their publicity. Each month Freegle activity keeps ~1,000 tonnes in circulation (and not in landfill or incinerators) around the UK. Cat is a driving force behind the multi-award winning Waste House at the University of Brighton (built 2012-14) ' it's 90% constructed with 'waste' which Cat sourced as part of Design Team. Consequently contributing a chapter for Duncan Baker-Brown's book about the circular economy 'The Reuse Atlas' (2017). When she's not talking, lecturing, nagging and enthusing about waste and reuse, Cat is actually enabling it! She operates a creative reuse depot from 12 shipping containers, is sub-contracted by Brighton & Hove City Council, the NHS and others to facilitate reuse for their estates (2014-present). Cat has contributed to conferences, debates, policy, consultations, tenders, strategy and research programmes for corporates, public bodies and the voluntary sector and is considered an expert in waste prevention and transitioning to a circular economy. Cat has 100k+ social media followers - sharing solutions and inspiration to prevent unnecessary waste. She endlessly collaborates with partners from across all sectors to provide solutions to niche and ubiquitous waste problems.