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11 & 12 SEPT


Martin Gulbis: Speaking at the RWM Exhibition

Martin Gulbis

ReNew ELP & Licella

Chemical Recycling of End of Life Plastic

ReNew ELP is building the first commercial catalytic hydrothermal reactor or Cat-HTR, End of life plastic to fuels and chemicals plant on Wilton International. The diverse platform focuses on waste and industrial residues such as pulp mill residues, end-of life plastics and waste oil residues to divert these materials from combustion and landfill, extending their life cycle. Joining ReNew ELP from the technology provider, Licella, the presentation will focus on the technology, the feedstocks that can be used to create valuable products, and how the Cat-HTR can be a piece of the puzzle for a lower carbon future.

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Martin Gulbis will be speaking in the following theatres:

Recycling Theatre - Thursday 14.45 - 15.15: Chemical Recycling of End of Life Plastic