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Supply and DemandThe new, dedicated zone within RWM, SUPPLY & DEMAND is now flying the flag as the home for networking, learning and business opportunities in the UK Energy  & Water Markets




Why the change?

As the boundaries between Energy, Water, Recycling and Waste become more blurred, it’s ever-more essential that we provide the most relevant service for both our visitors and exhibitors alike. Our evolution into the aptly titled SUPPLY & DEMAND achieves just that, enabling greater collaborative solutions for the growing sustainability needs of businesses, organisations and governments.

Businesses, governments and trade associations have all identified the need for an increase in ‘crossover’ to truly achieve a low carbon economy as proved by the industrial strategy recently released by prime minister Theresa May, with Pillar 7 ‘Delivering affordable energy & clean growth’ specifically designed to achieve just that. This is exactly what the new and improved show sets out to enable and ultimately, achieve. Put plainly, it’s good news for businesses, looking to minimise their overheads and it’s good news for the planet, which is good news for everyone.

Why is RWM the right platform for SUPPLY AND DEMAND?

As a brand, The Energy Event has been the leading industry exhibition for over five years, we  have unique insight, experience and learnings across all the industry sectors. Our history within the Energy Market has included collaborations with key industry figures such as Ed Davey and organisations such as ESTA, MEUC and Energy Institute, as well as government departments such as DECC. Bringng this into RWM means that we keep our industry links and experience, however, we can add the contacts and event management experience that 44 years of RWM brings.

Bringing the worlds of Waste, Water, Energy, Recycling and Renewables closer together means the industry can better take advantage of the cross-over. Facilities managers can deal with all waste, energy and water needs in one location, utilities companies can speak about their full solution to the right person once, and sustainability directors can learn about the full environmental strategy and policy direction in one place. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Who is this zone aimed at?

The SUPPLY & DEMAND Zone is where key decision makers for energy and water purchases from the UK's largest end-users of energy and water go to network, learn and trade. Typical visitors are from large PLC’s such as Virgin Media,  Samsung, British Steel and Tesco, as well as from local government bodies such as Liverpool City Council, Hertfordshire County Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Top 5 reasons for attending:

  • Supply of water and energy

  • Energy efficiency

  • Water and energy management

  • Clean tech solutions

  • Measuring solutions (such as metering)



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