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Handling & Logistics

Handling and logistics


Transporting, collecting and handling materials efficiently and safely is often the first links in the chain of any successful resource management operation and this sector is dedicated to solutions that improve the performance of your business, ensuring that revenues are maximised.

RWM Handling and Logistics Visitors are able to explore a full range of vehicles and services that take into consideration not just their business needs, but their carbon footprint as well. They also have the opportunity to inspect the latest refuse vehicles, sweepers and skip loaders and to test them out first hand in the Ride & Drive area.  

The Municipal and Materials Recovery Theatre will bring together industry experts and councils to focus on collaboration, driving up recycling rates and ways of generating revenue from resource management.


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Tuesday, 12th September           09:30 - 17:30

Wednesday, 13th September     09:30 - 17:30

Thursday, 14th September         09:30 -  16:00