2022 Conference Programme

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Reuse & Recycle – Helping Promote the Waste Hierarchy

14 Sep 2022
Circular Economy & Sustainability Theatre

Over 2 billion tons of waste is generated each year. World Bank estimates yearly waste will grow approximately 3.5 billion tons by 2050, bringing landfills ever closer to reaching capacity. Much of the waste that ends up in landfills or incinerators is paper, food waste and plastic that could be recycled and recovered. That is not happening today, largely because it is contaminated or difficult to separate.

Juno is helping to solve the growing waste crisis by giving materials that were once destined to be buried or burned, a second chance on life. Reclaiming what was previously unrecoverable, Juno’s innovative and patented technology integrates into existing infrastructures to significantly increase recycling rates wherever it is deployed globally. Juno provides a solution to communities, businesses, and investors that want to help protect our most important resource, the planet.

Juno’s first commercial scale installation opened in Toledo, Oregon, US in spring of 2021 – providing communities and waste generators in the Pacific Northwest options to move toward zero waste and reduce their carbon footprint. Juno has been able to increase the city of Toledo’s waste diversion rate from 23% to 66%.

James Kay, Director - Resource Efficient Data
Christer Henriksson, President, Juno - Juno
Daniel Carolan, Regional Operations Manager - SUEZ R&R UK
Elizabeth Green, Development Manager - Community Wood Recycling