2022 Conference Programme

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Practically implementing a DRS in the UK

15 Sep 2022
Packaging Theatre

Deposit Return Systems (DRS) have been around since 1984. Though they have delivered collection rates of around 90%, they have fundamental flaws such as cost, convenience and inflexibility. Many doubt they are the right solution for the future.
Digital DRS (DDRS) promises to deliver much higher collection rates in a more convenient way at a fraction of the cost - while offering the flexibility to develop as packaging and consumer needs inevitably will. To date there have been some small volunteer trials of DDRS. But will DDRS actually work in the real World?
This session outlines the plans for the World's first full community trial of DDRS designed to provide data and answers to the key questions.

James Beard - Recycling Manager, Explorer and Valpak
Duncan Midwood, CEO - Circularity Solutions
Marcel Rakowski - EVP Corporate Development, Reverse Logics Group
Travis Way, Managing Director - EcoVend