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The Digital Transformation and Waste Tracking in the Waste and Resources Sector

Simone Aplin, Technical Director at Anthesis
The waste and resource management sector is on the cusp of a digital revolution that could transform the way waste is collected and managed in the UK. At present our transition to a more circular economy is being held back by a lack of useful data, and this in itself is representative of the disconnect between producers the waste they generate, and how it is managed. This data gap make’s policy decisions difficult, creates uncertainty for investors, manufacturers and brands who are increasingly looking to secure quality recyclates to meet ambitious targets for the use of recycled materials in their products. But things are changing and beginning to change fast. Anthesis has been working with Defra to develop an end-to-end central digital reporting system for the Smart Waste Tracking Project that could replace existing paperwork and reporting portals to track waste from the producer throughout its journey to its final destination in near real time. Join us to learn about how this project and the digitalisation of the waste sector through the adoption of new technology will drive the improvement of services and the countless opportunities it will provide to disrupt the status quo and establish new ways of working.
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