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Welcome to the RWM on Demand content library hosting all the content from past events in the RWM Digital Series.

RWM Virtual

Day One: Local Authority Day

Keynote Theatre

  • Transitioning from Covid emergency to Climate emergency

    Trevor Nicoll, President at CIWM and Dr Darren Perrin, Business Development Director
  • Organised Criminality in the waste sector

    Emma Viner, Senior Team Leader at Joint Unit for Waste Crime
    Organised criminality in the waste sector is a growing issue. This session will cover what we are doing to tackle it including the formation of The Joint Unit for Waste Crime (JUWC). The JUWC formally ...
  • Making the Circular Economy in Wales a reality

    David Warren, Head of Circular Economy Policy Development at Welsh Government
    The Welsh Government will shortly be publishing its new circular economy strategy. This will replace Towards Zero Waste which has seen Wales achieve the third highest recycling rate in the World, This ...
  • How our campaigns have managed to change behaviour in Bristol

    Gwen Frost, Head of Innovation and Sustainability at Bristol Waste
    Changing the behaviour of our residents to recycle, reuse more and to reduce their residual waste has and always will be part of our aims, but how have we actually done that, join me in this session t ...

Collections & Transport Theatre (Sponsored by Smart Recycling)

  • Digitisation of processes for Waste Management, Street Cleansing and Winter Gritting carried out by, or on behalf of, Local Authorities is becoming an imperative for operators in the UK. This involves ...
  • More than ever, the imperative for a rapid transition towards a Circular Economy is presenting a challenge to Local Authorities and Resources Recovery/Waste Management operators. This challenge offers ...
  • Utilizing the full potential of the circular economy is perhaps the only way of meeting a sustainable future while maintaining economic growth. We feel that the circular economy will need support, as ...

Circular Economy Theatre

  • Circular Economy, a Closed-Loop Recycling for Plastics is possible

    Charlotte Glassneck, Manager Plastics Applications at TOMRA Sorting
    A circular economy requires a holistic approach. At TOMRA, we have decades of solid experience in both collections and sorting waste, thus accelerating the transformation to a truly circular economy. ...
  • Outlining a lean approach to resource management, delivering WEEE compliance and business efficiencies, Dotser will take us through a best practice scenario in the WEEE sector highlighting where key t ...
  • How advanced robotic technologies can help us achieve a circular economy worldwide

    Xiaoyan (Amy) Ma, CEO and Nathan Western, CTO at Danu Robotics
    One of the biggest challenges facing recycling and waste management industry is unsorted, contaminants such as nappies and plastic bags. These contaminants will ruin the quality of recyclables produce ...

EfW Theatre (Sponsored by Dalkia wastenergy)

  • Optimized cyclones particle separation at high temperatures

    Pedro Ribas Araujo, CEO at Advanced Cyclone Systems
    ACS has been increasingly involved in designing special cyclones for high temperature processes such as incineration, pyrolysis and gasification. Reducing the amount of fly ash immediately after the s ...
  • Are small scale RDF boilers sustainable?

    Barthélémy Fourment, International Sales Director at Dalkia Wastenergy
    Dalkia Wastenergy short presentation. Which technology for RDF? Dalkia Wastenergy kiln, a proven & reliable technology Local energy center: a reliable and sustainable solution.
  • Maintaining EFW service levels during the pandemic and future policy impacts for EFWs 2021 and beyond

    John Coates, Head of Waste at Lincolnshire County Council and Juergen Shcaper, General Manager at FCC
    During this session, John and Juergen will examine the role of EfW in the waste hierarchy, how well the facility held up during the pandemic in relation to technical performance, making the site safe ...
  • Waste Incineration BREF, Proving low & stable, a Mercury CEMS data case study

    Ken Roberts, Managing Director at Gasmet Technologies UK Ltd
    Review of recently published Waste Incineration BREF monitoring requirements and the changes in the Daily Average Emission Limits. We will then take a look at the Monitoring Protocol for proving low a ...
  • Waste to Energy: from design to commissioning

    Thomas Drave, Sales Director at Bezner Anlagen- und Maschinenbau GmbH
    Bezner - waste management solutions - is on top of the recycling game and work with the latest techniques. We like to be challenged to create innovative solutions. We present the most interesting case ...


Day Two: Waste Management Day

Keynote Theatre

  • Challenges facing the resource and waste industry in 2021 and beyond

    Jacqueline O'Donovan, Managing Director at O'Donovan Waste Disposal Ltd
    Managing Director of O’Donovan Waste Disposal, Jacqueline O’Donovan, will be joined by Gordon Sockett, Group Content Manager for RWM, for an informal discussion around the current challenges being fac ...
  • Waste & Resource Management | Where will the sector be in 2030?

    Dr Adam Read, External Affairs Director at SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK and Pat Jennings​, Head of Policy, Knowledge & External Affairs at CIWM
    The importance of the environment has never been so visible to the general public, businesses and the media; with increasing government policy reform, new environmental targets, the promise of a green ...
  • The waste and resource management sector is on the cusp of a digital revolution that could transform the way waste is collected and managed in the UK. At present our transition to a more circular econ ...
  • Resources and waste management and the UK’s journey to net zero

    Theresa Villiers, Member of Parliament for Chipping Barnet

Recyclers & Reprocessors Theatre

  • The UK Waste Wood Sector – 2021 and Beyond

    Julia Turner, Executive Director at The Wood Recyclers’ Association (WRA)
    This session will look at how the waste wood sector is shaping up in 2021 and at what the latest developments are, particularly for the Waste Wood Classification Project, but also more broadly conside ...
  • As waste volumes grow globally, the need for more effective systems of collection, recovery and processing is increasingly urgent. Topolytics is therefore creating a new operating framework that can e ...
  • The Way Forward for Precious Metal recovery - BioMining

    Dr Will Barker, CEO and Founder at Mint Innovation
    In this talk we will show the developments Mint Innovation have in process for 2021 – Launching the world’s first commercial biomining facilities in the UK and Sydney.
  • A Symphony of All Sorts

    Brian Gist, UK/Nordics Managing Director at TOMRA Sorting
    A Symphony of All Sorts consists of four parts and various instruments shaping it. What’s more? A huge audience listening to it, feeling the rhythm and flow – flow of music and information. Join us to ...
  • The presentation will share general market information and key figures. Special attention will be given to the automotive battery recycling field, which is of strategic importance in the newly develop ...
  • Trends and Opportunities in Germany’s Waste Management and Recycling Market

    Anne Bräutigam, Senior Manager Investor Consulting at Germany Trade & Invest
    The presentation will share general market information and key figures. Special attention will be given to the automotive battery recycling field, which is of strategic importance in the newly develop ...

EfW Theatre

  • EMAT Inspection of Heat Exchanging Components

    Ivan Pinson, Commercial Director at Innerspec Technologies UK Ltd.
    An outline of the Innerspec Technologies EMAT system applied for the inspection of heat exchanging components all done with minimal cleaning of the tube.
  • Operation and Maintenance Mobilisation – creating the foundation for success

    Ian Blacker, Business Development Director, Andy Wilson, Senior Project Manager and Ivan Pinson, Senior Project Manager at Fortum eNext
    A well-executed mobilisation of operation and maintenance (O&M) services creates a foundation for operating a power plant successfully long into the future. Decisions made in this phase define the wor ...
  • Transforming Waste into Fuel Pellets

    Dr Matthew Goodwin, Sales Director at Waste Knot Energy
    Waste Knot Energy are due to start commissioning their first pellet production facility in June, capable of producing 250,000 tonnes of pellets per annum. A further 7 plants are planned, capable of pr ...
  • Lessons learnt from International Innovation - Upgrade of SNCR system and Boiler Load on a Swedish WtE plant

    Henrik Hofgren, Technology Specialist at Babcock & Wilcox Vølund A/S
    The Filborna plant in Helsingborg, Sweden, was upgraded with a newly developed SNCR-system from Babcock & Wilcox Vølund to allow the plant to reach the tough NOx limits. Furthermore, the load on the p ...
  • The Future of Domestic Fuel - An Overview of the Market Possibilities for Briquettes In Europe

    Esben Mikkel Vestergaard, Regional Sales Manager at C.F. Nielsen AS
    In Europe briquettes are seen as a real alternative to firewood. The consumers require green energy, that is economically competitive and convenient at the same time. On both parameters briquettes pre ...
  • A spotlight on decentralised Waste-to-Energy

    Alessandro Bertacchini, Business Development Manager at Turboden spa and Simon Webb, Managing Director at Tidy Planet Limited
    Turboden, Tidy Planet and Sugimat provide an overview of their scalable, decentralised Waste-to-Energy (WtE) solutions that meet the UK’s needs for energy recovery from RDF and SRF. With technical and ...
  • Waste Incineration BREF, Proving low & stable, a Mercury CEMS data case study

    Ken Roberts, Managing Director at Gasmet Technologies UK Ltd
    Review of recently published Waste Incineration BREF monitoring requirements and the changes in the Daily Average Emission Limits. We will then take a look at the Monitoring Protocol for proving low a ...


Day Three: Waste Producers Day

Keynote Theatre

  • The Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Challenge and UK Circular Plastics Network

    Nick Cliffe, Deputy Challenge Director at Innovate UK and Dr Sally Beken, Uk Circular Plastics Network Manager at KTN
    In this session, Nick and Sally will give an overview of the current funding and support available for research and innovation projects to deliver a more sustainable plastic packaging supply chain in ...
  • EPR – things you wanted to know but were always frightened to ask.

    Kevin Vyse, Head of Technology at ProAmpac/RAP
    EPR is heading towards us, all be it slowly following Covid, but it is set to have an impact for good or for bad. What are the implications for the brands, the retailers and the consumers and will it ...
  • Formula 1’s race to net-zero carbon by 2030

    Charles Minors, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Formula 1
    Understand how Formula is planning to become a Net Zero Carbon sport by 2030 – making the world’s largest annual sports series more environmentally sustainable. From logistics, to 100% sustainable fue ...
  • Closing Loops or Cascading Materials as Nutrients?

    Ken Webster, Director at IS4CE (Int.Soc.for Circular Economy)
    The present and future of low value short cycle materials as we transition to a circular economy.

Packaging Theatre

  • The possible impacts of EPR

    Robbie Staniforth, Head of Policy and Innovation and Jon Brookes, Head of Partnerships at Ecosurety
    Discussion between Robbie Staniforth, head of policy and innovation at Ecosurety, and Jon Brookes, head of partnerships at Ecosurety. Topics to be covered will be: How greater funding should be used, ...
  • Since beginning his career at Valpak, Lee has worked closely with customers to explain packaging regulations and to help them achieve compliance. He has held various roles at the company which have co ...

Circular Economy Theatre

  • Regenerative recycling technology to enable a circular future

    Cyndi Rhoades, Founder at Worn Again Technologies
    With 53MLN tonnes ending up every year to landfill, textile waste has become a big issue apparel and fashion industries needs to address. Only 1% of textile waste is recycled back into textiles - the ...
  • What makes a modern and well-designed deposit return scheme?

    Mark Brill, Vice President Sales and Marketing at TOMRA Collection UK & Ireland
    Find out what makes an efficient and well-designed deposit return scheme (DRS) based on TOMRA’s experience and learnings from successful systems from around the world. We will bring these learnings cl ...


Digital Focus

European Metal Recycling

European Metal Recycling - How to recover raw, materials with net-zero carbon impact

Using recycled materials to create new products has a huge environmental benefit, saving between 50% and 90% of the energy and water consumed to create the virgin equivalent. However, at present, they still come with some environmental cost. At EMR, we have embarked on a ten-year journey to create sustainable raw materials with a net-zero carbon footprint. To achieve this, we are exploring new technologies and ways of working to design carbon out of our business and to be the partner of choice for materials management in a circular economy.

Digital Spotlights

Digital Transformation Spotlight

  • Don’t miss out on how some of Europe’s largest cities, including West London, have optimized their waste operations with the Nordsense solution. Dina will be talking about how the Nordsense solution can provide data insights not only for waste collection but also recycling programs and give an overview of the citizen’s participation rate. Most cities can save up to 40 percent of the waste collection.
  • Adapting to the ever-changing environment of the C&I and C&D waste industry requires organisational agility and access to insight on key margin drivers. By digitising your entire operations, you get complete visibility on the key metrics so you know your costs to serve on your routes and for each customer and can maximise your margins.
  • Digital Innovation for Circular Plastics

    Innovate UK, UK Research and Innovation
    Nick will talk about the Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Challenge, a £60M investment to support research and development towards a more circular outcome for plastics in the UK and give examples of where digital technology is underpinning and driving innovation in this area.
  • Global SaaS provider leveraging AI and machine learning to drive next generation mobile assets and fleet management, Teletrac Navman, discuss how digital transformation is enabling their customers to achieve increased growth opportunities.
  • An overview of the waste industry’s journey from digitisation to digital transformation. The session will look at how Councils currently use data and some of the innovations which could be introduced and the opportunities and challenges these present to waste managers. The session will briefly consider the possibilities derived from AI and the Internet of Things.
  • Increase borough cleanliness and resource efficiency through the use of the latest technologies.  Take part in this discussion with LitterCam to learn how improved environmental enforcement outcomes can be cost-effectively achieved with emerging technology platforms.
  • Gain insight and extract greater meaning from waste data to drive performance enhancements across your organisation. Join the conversion with Gensuite to learn how integrated waste management and reporting in real time can help you to achieve optimal compliance and exceed operational performance objectives.
  • Recycling plays a key role in keeping a society functioning and clean. Though, heavy recycling trucks are both expensive to use, and a big contributor to congestion and CO2-emissions. With over 10 years of data gathered from 6000 sensors in recycling containers throughout Sweden and Norway, we offer unique insights into how these issues can be solved. We share the story of how our customers helped us solve this complex logistical problem.

Decarbonising the Waste Fleet

Our first episode, Decarbonising the Waste Fleet explored the challenge of reducing emissions, from discussing the need for change, to exploring the solutions and infrastructure required to make the change happen.

Julien Amouyal, Head of Smart Cities at Veolia UK&I and Managing Director of Snowglobe - Fleet Electrification: Veolia's Journey so Far

David Thackray, Sales & Marketing Director at Tevva Motors - Electric Vehicle Operations: Key things to Consider

Helen Steiger, Project Manager and Sustainability Lead at DG Cities - Lessons Learnt from Refuse Collection Vehicle Electrification Projects

Nicholas Beatty, Founder Director at Zenobē Energy - Assisting Fleet Operators to Transition to Electric Vehicles: EV Infrastructure, Vehicle Financing and Operation

Gavin Bailey, Head of Sustainable Transport and Air Quality at Eunomia - Ditching Diesel: The case for the Electrification of Refuse Collection Vehicles


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