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We are committed to bringing you conference quality content through a diverse programme of expert speakers designed to inform, educate and provide insight into the hot topics within the industry.


Charles Minors Image

Charles Minors
Head of Strategy & Business Development
Formula 1

Formula 1’s race to net-zero carbon by 2030

simone aplin

Simone Aplin
Technical Director

The Digital Transformation and Waste Tracking in the Waste and Resources Sector

Gwen Frost

Gwen Frost
Head of Innovation and Sustainability
Bristol Waste Company

How our campaigns have managed to change behaviour in Bristol

Theresa Villiers

Theresa Villiers
Member of Parliament for Chipping Barnet

Resources and waste management and the UK’s journey to net zero

Kevin Vyse

Kevin Vyse
Head of Technology, ProAmpac/RAP

EPR – things you wanted to know but were always frightened to ask.

David Warren Image

David Warren
Head of Circular Economy Policy Development,
Welsh Government

Making the Circular Economy in Wales a reality

Adam Read Image

Adam Read
External Affairs Director,
SUEZ Recycling & Recovery UK

Resource Management: Where will the sector be in 2030?

Trevor Nicoll

Trevor Nicoll

Transitioning from Covid emergency to climate emergency

Pat Jennings

Pat Jennings
Head of Policy, Knowledge & External Affairs, CIWM

Waste & Resource Management | Where will the sector be in 2030?


Jacqueline O'Donovan

Jacqueline O'Donovan
Managing Director, O'Donovan Waste Disposal Ltd

Challenges facing the resource and waste industry in 2021 and beyond


Ken Webster

Ken Webster
IS4CE (Int.Soc.for Circular Economy)

Closing Loops or Cascading Materials as Nutrients?

Emma Viner

Emma Viner
Senior Team Leader,
Joint Unit for Waste Crime

Organised Criminality in the Waste Sector

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