Fighting against Global Warming by using the World's fastest enzymes technology-RFT

23 Sep 2021
Recyclers & Reprocessors Theatre
Extreme weather events (e.g., flood, heatwaves, drought and wildfires) have been sweeping across the globe. These just might get our act together on global warming.  Without effective recycling method, agricultural waste (e.g., livestock manure) could pollute our air, water and soil, and so attribute to climate warming. We are here to offer a systematic solution to recycle livestock manures by using our innovative enzymes technology. We manage to turn raw manures into ready to use organic fertiliser in 3 hours. The process creates Zero pollution (no ammonia emission or waste water), but keeps all the nutrients to go back to our soil. Recycle organic matters with LOHAS technology, you are choosing a sustainable solution, without the cost of our environment and our health.
Carlos Kao, Managing Director - LOHAS Recycling Ltd
LOHAS Recycling Ltd