What will EPR mean for the industry?

23 Sep 2021
Keynote Theatre

With consultations for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) now closed, the industry waits to see how this will be implemented. This legislation aims to ensure products and packaging are reused, repaired and recycled to start shaping a more circular economy, what will this actually look like in practice?  Our expert panel will discuss the various implications of EPR for the industry, looking at what this will mean for local authorities, waste producers, and waste management companies.

Margaret Bates, Executive Director - OPRL Ltd
Paula Chin, Sustainable Materials Specialist - WWF
Trevor Nicoll, Assistant Director of Environment and Operations - for St Helens Council
Paul Vanston, Chief Executive - The Industry Council for Packaging & the Environment (INCPEN)
John Melia, Strategy Development & Innovation Director - DS Smith