What can we expect from COP26?

23 Sep 2021
Keynote Theatre

As world leaders prepare to gather for the highly anticipated COP26 in Glasgow, we invite the visitors of RWM to debate what we can expect from this crucial summit and explore what this will mean for the resource management sector.

With evidence of rising global temperatures, increased frequency of extreme weather events and visible damage to our planet's ecosystems, consumer interest in climate change and sustainability has never been so high. So why does this matter to businesses? On one hand, greater environmental scrutiny may lead to increased regulations, targets and disclosures. However, on the other there is a real opportunity for businesses to show leadership. Green finance could fundamentally change financial markets, a new wave of innovation will provide governments and the world with the technologies needed to overcome the challenges we face, and whole new industries will emerge to drive meaningful change. In this keynote session, our expert panel will discuss with the RWM community what COP26 could mean for the industry and w​hat the industry really needs. 

Zoe Lenkiewicz, Senior Technical Advisor & Head of Communications - WasteAid UK
Adam Read, Director of External Affairs, President of CIWM - SUEZ
Mark Maslin, Climatologist - University College London
Lamia Sbiti, Business Transformation Manager - ReLondon