Skrap Construction Hire - Driving Digital Innovation and Sustainability

22 Sep 2021
Collections & Transport Theatre
Skrap aims to disrupt the construction hire and waste industry using its app and software that will pave the way for digital innovation with sustainability at its heart. Our software and app are designed keeping in mind the sustainability goals of construction companies and we realize that now, more than ever, there is a need to address how construction can be made green with help of technology. With 360 Integrated Resource (Waste) Management we seamlessly simplify processes through our latest technology, improve environmental performance and reduce costs. Having faced the pains of construction hire and waste management first-hand, Skrap's founders are on a mission to make the procurement process convenient, smart, and sustainable.  Skrap's vision is to enable construction companies to achieve a Circular economy model and meet their Net-zero waste targets, through efficient resource management, for a cleaner and greener world. Come join us at RWM to hear us talk about how we automated the construction hire process and challenges along the way, how we aim to transform construction hire & waste management to make it more environmentally friendly through our technology.
Hussain Hilli, Co-Founder and COO - Skrap