How AI in the waste management industry can accelerate our transition towards a circular economy.

22 Sep 2021
Circular Economy Theatre

To date, the waste management industry is undermined by the complexity of waste sorting infrastructure, limited adaptability, lack of process data, and high operational expenditure due to a reliance on manual labour. It is due to these technical hurdles, that Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) remain largely unoptimised and relies on manual labour for auditing purposes and quality control - an unsustainable solution for long-term waste management

Recycleye's research has found that Computer vision offers the only available technological breakthrough that provides transparency to the industry without requiring structural changes to existing MRFs. Computer Vision solutions have the capability to entirely automate waste sorting, enabling MRFs to significantly improve the quantity of materials for recovered for recycling and reuse.

Victor Dewulf, Chief Executive Officer - Recycleye