Exclusive Insights Into The Largest And Most Ambitious Smart Waste Management Project In Denmark To Date In the Council of Aalborg (And 5 Key Lessons You Can Learn From Them)

22 Sep 2021
Data & Digital Transformation Theatre
Join CEO and Founder of WasteHero, Hussam Mansour for an in-depth case study into how one Danish Council transformed their waste management to not only cut operational costs in half, but to reach their ambitious emission reduction targets. In this session, you'll gain in-depth insight into how trail-blazing Councils within the country that's leading the world on climate change action manage their waste collection, and how you can learn from their experiences to get started on your own digital transformation. You'll also hear from Aalborg Council's Project Leader who focuses on Intelligent Waste Management and Digitization regarding the challenges faced when switching to a smart waste management solution, and what you can do differently to overcome them. Hussam will then guide you through a product demonstration of the WasteHero Solution so you can fully understand the benefits of a modern-day smart waste management software. He'll demonstrate how Councils can make use of historical information that's tied up in data sheets and old systems, and combine it with sensor and asset data to turn it into a valuable data source to optimize collection routes, manage waste operations in real-time, and guide infrastructure decisions such as optimal bin volume and location. At the conclusion of the presentation, we've set aside 5 minutes for a live Q&A session where Hussam will address any burning questions you may have to help you get started on your journey towards intelligent waste management. As an added bonus for attendees, WasteHero is providing a very exciting introductory offer to encourage Councils to get started with their own smart waste management journey!
Hussam Mansour, CEO, Founder - WasteHero
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