COVID Emergency to Climate Emergency – Building Resilience into Waste Services - a new era

22 Sep 2021
Keynote Theatre

How we manage our waste and resources increasingly requires a systems-based approach embedding circular economy and decarbonisation to meet evolving political aspirations. COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot and the need to identify vulnerabilities and build resilience across the sector. There is a lot of focus on climate change mitigation, less so on adaption. Vulnerability and resilience for local authorities in waste management is beyond operational continency, planning and emergency plans. The strategic thinking on vulnerabilities to changes in policy, market behaviours, nationalism, extreme climate events etc are all just as important – more so now than ever before. Using a case study example from working with the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) and WRAP, this presentation will talk through the methodology considered to assess local authority vulnerabilities, their sensitivities, adaptability, and exposure to the various megatrends and how this can support local authorities and their supply chain build resilience into the system.

Darren Perrin, Head of Waste and Resource Management BD and Growth - Ricardo Energy and Environment