A Journey from Data to Energy Saving

23 Sep 2021
Energy from Waste Theatre
Manufacturing waste accounts for 10% of the overall GWP (Global Warming Potential) which equates to 40 trillion dollars per year. But where do you start saving ? Way too often, data is not available nor utilised and the root cause of waste energy and cost is not clear, which makes justifying CAPEX a true challenge. We highlight some of our findings from large blue chip factories. What is key is that when you have data, real work can start, redesigning, simulating and optimising. This presentation illustrates a couple of our case studies from manufacturers to end users and demonstrates how we have reduced our customer's energy usage and waste, through making their process design more optimised and efficient.
Francois Pierrel, Founder and MD- Enertherm Engineering Ltd - EnerTherm Engineering Ltd
Enertherm Engineering Ltd