3rd party O&M as a service ' securing the long-term benefits of your EfW plant

23 Sep 2021
Energy from Waste Theatre
To top all the requirements in terms of safety, efficiency and desired return on investment in running a modern EfW power plant, a competent O&M partner is a valuable asset. At this session, you will get an overview on the essential elements of successfully operating an Energy-from-Waste plant long into the future. As an asset owner and with a proven track record in operating third-party power plants, Fortum has established strong principles in O&M excellence to support the customer in maximizing availability and performance. We will also share some real-life experiences and learnings from the O&M sites Fortum is operating in the UK.
Mikko Päivärinta, General Manager - Fortum
Steve Hawes, Business Development Manager - Fortum
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