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European Association of Plastics Recycling & Recovery Organisations (EPRO)

EPRO - European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations

EPRO is a pan-European partnership of specialist organisations that are working to develop and deliver efficient solutions for the sustainable management of plastics resources, now and for the future.

The EPRO platform allows members to optimise national effectiveness of collection, handling and reprocessing of plastics through international co-operation. By studying successful approaches, sharing knowledge, evaluating different solutions and examining obstacles to progress. By working together EPRO members can identify common barriers and issues that can be overcome to increase efficient plastics recycling and recovery.

Each EPRO member is working to meet and exceed requirements set by EU and national packaging directives, and committed to:

· exchange and publish information and experiences

· develop improved strategies for prevention, recycling and recovery of plastics packaging waste with regard to the EU thematic strategy on waste and recycling

· support technological projects designed to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of plastics recycling and recovery throughout Europe

· evaluate new technologies and to stimulate improved quality and value of used plastics on a scientific basis.

There are 19 EPRO member organisations including 14 European countries plus South Africa and Canada.

- Austria - Altstoff Recycling Austria
- Belgium - Plarebel, VAL-I-PAC
- Canada - CleanFARMS
- Finland - The Finnish Plastics Recycling Ltd
- France - Adivalor, Valorplast
- Germany - RIGK GmbH, Der Grüne Punkt
- Iceland - Icelandic Recycling Fund
- Italy - COREPLA
- Norway - Grønt Punkt Norge
- Portugal - Plastval
- South Africa - PETCO
- Spain - Cicloplast
- Sweden - Plastkretsen / fti
- Switzerland - PRS
- United Kingdom - RECOUP

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