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International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)

ISWA – the International Solid Waste Association – is a global, independent association, working in the public interest to promote and develop sustainable and professional waste management. ISWA is open to individuals and organisations from the scientific community, public institutions and companies working in the field of and/or interested in waste management. As the world’s leading waste management association with members in more than 109 countries, ISWA reaches out to around 30.000 waste management professionals via its network.

Our business is the worldwide exchange of information and experience on waste management. The association promotes the adoption of responsible systems of professional waste management through technological development and improvement of practices for the protection of human life, health and the environment as well as the conservation of materials and energy resources.

ISWA’s declared mission is:

To Promote and Develop Sustainable and Professional Waste Management Worldwide

ISWA achieves its mission through:

• Promoting resource efficiency through sustainable production and consumption

• Providing support to developing and emerging economies

• Advancement of waste management through education and training

• Promoting appropriate and best available technologies and practices

• Professionalism through its programme on professional qualifications.

• Worldwide exchange of information and experience on waste management


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