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11 & 12 SEPT


UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition & Conference

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Reuse Network

We are a national body dedicated to alleviating poverty and tackling climate change. Working with a network of charitable organisations, we are diverting millions of household items from landfill, reducing carbon emissions and giving low-income households access to affordable good.

Working with our trusteed network retailers and manufacturers, we make available more than 80,000 items of affordable furniture and electrical appliances to low-income households every year.

One of our main objectives is promoting the reuse sector at the highest levels across the UK. We work in the interest of our member network to see that their views are represented in many aspects of UK and EU regulations and policy, and have direct input into welfare reform, work and employment legislation, the WEEE Directive, the Waste Framework Directive, and the Circular Economy agenda.

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