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Society for the Environment

Showcase your expertise. Become a Chartered Environmentalist or Registered Environmental Technician.

Through Royal Charter, the Society for the Environment is the body responsible for the registration of environmental professionals. The Society is the custodian of the Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and Registered Environmental Technician (REnvTech) registers, and since 2004 have established a sound platform as the body tasked with championing and registering the expertise of environmental professionals.

Being a CEnv or REnvTech is about having the professional knowledge, experience and commitment to apply sustainable thinking throughout your daily working life. Professional registration is widely recognised as a mark to be trusted and carries a strong reputation for quality around the world.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd and showcase your environmental knowledge and expertise? Provide assurance of your competence to employers and/or clients by becoming a CEnv or REnvTech.

The Society works alongside a range of Licensed Professional Bodies (25) to register environmental professionals and to ensure the quality, relevance and awareness of our registrations.

Our 24 Licensed Bodies cover sectors such as engineering, water supply and management, construction, environmental management, environmental sciences, agriculture, fisheries, energy, waste management, surveying and forestry.

To find out more about becoming a CEnv or REnvTech - or indeed a licensed professional body, please visit or speak to our team at The Flood Expo.

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