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25 May 2021

Keynote Announcement: The SeaCleaners' Manta Project

We are pleased to announce that RWM 2021 will be welcoming The SeaCleaners in September, who will be giving a keynote seminar on their Manta Project.

Protecting the Ocean from Plastic Pollution: The role of Technical Solutions

The seminar will introduce the ground-breaking solution for the collection and recovery of floating plastic waste developed by The SeaCleaners: the Manta, a sailboat equipped with an onboard plant, which will be launched in 2024. This giant of the seas will be the first ocean-going vessel capable of collecting and treating floating ocean waste en masse before it breaks up and penetrates the marine ecosystem. A true technological challenge, the Manta will be powered by a combination of several renewable energy production technologies to minimize its carbon footprint.

Find out more about The Manta Project below:


To watch this seminar, make sure you register free for RWM on 22nd & 23rd September at the NEC Birmingham