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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


The UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition

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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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While the waste & recycling sector continues to embrace the advancement of modern technology to improve efficiency and drive standards, there continues to be one area of high risk which remains a ‘real and credible threat’ to all businesses within one of the UK’s biggest industries;

“The Risk of Fire”

As an industry which is substantially reliant on mobile and heavy plant machinery, naturally there is a significant investment attached, and one which operates within a highly volatile environment. With the ever-increasing demand to reduce emissions comes an increased complexity in the technology used in the manufacture of such machinery.

With a large proportion of fires originating from within the engine bay, more specifically, in and around the turbochargers, exhausts and treatment systems, these areas carry a potentially devastating risk to all businesses.  Generating heat which is well over the temperature required for instant combustion, the engine bay flies a red flag 24/7. It only takes a machine which has not been cleaned or properly maintained to cause a devastating and costly fire.

As a business which sees an average of 3 fires per week from customers working within the waste and recycling sector, it is easy for us at Fireward to comprehend how such fires destroy millions of pounds worth of machinery every year.  With nearly 70% of businesses failing to reopen after a major fire, it is important however for the sceptical amongst us to understand the devastation a fire can bring:

•  Total loss of the machinery
•  Bad press
•  Loss of revenue
•  Delay to work schedule
•  Risk of injury
•  Damage to surrounding environment

With the growing awareness and understanding of fire suppression, many insurers are waking up to the benefits that effective systems can offer both customers and insurers alike.  Many have gone one step further by refusing to insure high-risk machinery unless fire suppression has been fitted. By way of encouragement, certain insurers are offering operators the advantage of lower insurance premiums and lower excess fees if they install a recognised and approved fire suppression system.

As a leading specialist of fire suppression systems within the UK, Fireward is driving standards by working with manufacturers who offer approved systems which have undergone stringent testing and are designed to withstand the harshest of working environments, whilst offering 100% reliability, are automatic and independent of any outside power source.  Meaning valuable machinery is protected even when stationary or not in operation.

With customer expectations at an all-time high, it is not enough to simply install a fire suppression system that works.  Guiding customers through the ‘customer journey’ from specification and proposal to installation, service and maintenance has allowed Fireward to rise through the ranks to become a partner of preference for many within the industry.

As the sole distributor of Reacton Fire Suppression products within the UK, Fireward customers benefit from the advanced engineering that sits at the heart of Reacton’s approved systems, and technological advancements now and in the future.

With good news all round, the team are excited to be exhibiting at this year’s RWM show and are looking forward to presenting the latest in Fire Suppression technology to the wider audience within the Waste & Recycling sector.

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