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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


The UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition

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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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World class de-baling solutions for the recycling sector launched at RWM

De-baling solutions with the ability to take apart one tonne round and rectangular feedstock bales in less than one minute will be launched at RWM by Spread-a-Bale.

Called Shred-a-Bale, installations are available in static or mobile format and are bespoke to customer requirements. The de-balers will handle all forms of feedstock measuring less than 300mm including paper, plastic, wood chip and straw.

Fixed installations are either operated by electric motors or hydraulic power pack and include loading and feeding conveyors, shredding unit, weigh cell technology and cyclones to separate foreign objects. The mobile de-baler is hydraulically powered and is truly self-loading both high and low-density bales.

Spread-a-Bale’s managing director, Michael Hughes comments: “With 20 years of bale shredding experience in the land based industry and as market leaders with more than 2,500 straw de-balers in operation in the UK and over 20 countries in five continents, we decided to diversify and enter the anaerobic digester, reprocessing and recycled energy sectors with Shred-a-Bale.”

All Shred-a-Bale installations are bespoke and ultimately designed to increase customers’ competitive advantage and efficiency.

If you require any further information about the product, contact Spread-a-Bale’s Michael Hughes on 07917 303535 or visit them at stand M41.

Keep your machines running for longer with Greasomatic®96

With over 50 years of experience, Wymark Limited has learnt that in reality, manual lubrication either doesn’t get carried out enough or gets carried out too much. 

Both under and over lubrication cause premature bearing/machine failures, and unplanned maintenance. Wymark’s Greasomatic®96 single point automatic lubricators are the most cost effective alternative to manual lubrication. Fitting a Greasomatic®96 will reduce downtime and protect bearings and machinery from failures and unplanned maintenance. 

Aaron Dane, Sales Director at Wymark, commented: “We at Wymark pride ourselves on being the only UK manufacturer of the single point automatic lubricator. We have a wonderful team, with vast knowledge of lubrication that offer great customer service. We are continually striving to improve, carrying out research and development with the aid of our onsite laboratory.”

If you want to learn more about Wymark’s Greasomatic®96, make sure you visit them at stand M32 at RWM.

UN Approval for Dolav Ace is Brexit Proof

For UK waste and recycling, Brexit either way, does not change the Dolav Ace’s ‘UN Approved’ status. The Dolav Ace is UN Approved packaging for the transport of dangerous goods. Brexit is not planned to affect UN approval in the UK. That is good news for the lead-acid battery recyclers who dubbed this Dolav plastic pallet box, ‘The Battery Ace’. Other recyclers recognise the box that can handle lead-acid batteries and contain strong sulfuric acid, is safe and strong for the materials they are recycling. That really is the acid test.

At the UK’s largest battery recycler G & P Batteries, part of Ecobat, Operations Manager, David Brookes said, “We use Dolav bins because they are UN Approved and leak proof.” In Spain, Recobat’s David Calleja said, “Dolav Ace lasts three-times longer.”

Abuse testing by TÜV SÜD of the Ace is also Brexit proof. Dropped, crushed, spiked and rotated. That is what testing organisation, TÜV SÜD Product Service did to the Dolav Ace and competitive plastic pallet boxes to see how they compared. The Dolav Ace out-performed the competition. It is Abuse and Brexit Ready!

Dolav are exhibiting at RWM this year. Visit them at stand P21 for more information about their products!

If you’d like to enquire about exhibiting, or even just receive a copy of the latest floor plan then please get in touch with Ahmed Pearce on 0117 929 6083 or or online here.