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How to be plastic free

So, it’s Plastic Free Day on Wednesday May 8th and we are preparing diligently ahead of it! We have begun to realise just how much plastic waste we inadvertently create, and it’s exciting to think of the difference we could make by implementing some easy changes. In the lead up the day, we wanted to offer an idea into what Plastic Free Day will do for your plastic consumption.

Remember, this is a day about being free of single use plastic, and learning to respect and responsibly use our plastics. By switching to quality, lasting products we are able to minimise our waste, and then prevent our waste ending up in the sea, countryside, or even in our own food supplies!

These are the rules of the game, and some suggestions of how you can cut out single use plastic from your life! 

  • Use a reusable water bottle - ideally a long lasting BPA-free bottle, so you can wash and reuse your bottle safely time and time again

  • Use a thermal/travel mug for coffee shop refills

  • Use reusable storage containers/lunch boxes

  • Use reusable cutlery

  • Prepare food at home to avoid the need to buy takeaway food

  • Portion any snack foods before you leave for work 

  • Buy and keep handy reusable shopping bags/bags for life

  • Refuse to use a straw

  • Hand-pick your fruit and veggies by shopping at a greengrocers – support local

  • Shop at the deli counter/butcher/fishmonger

  • Choose recyclable brown paper bags, glass or cardboard packaging

  • Use beeswax paper coverings

  • No chewing gum - use mints instead

  • Swap to a milkman

As you can see, some of these are really basic things we all need to be doing in order to meet the targets we are setting as a country. Don’t be shy when you take part in the event next week, we want to hear from you! Keep us updated on social media using our hashtags, and be sure to document the changes you make in your waste habits!

We are excited for everyone to partake, and to be spurring the conversations we all need to be having right now about our waste!