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Shocking Statistic Revealed About Business Recycling

The UK enjoys a hard earned position as one of the leading countries on many fronts, but unfortunately it is starting to let itself down with shocking realisations that 90% of businesses in the UK don’t have a recycling plan in place. With the current coverage that dominates the newsphere, this is news that really should come as a major wake up call to the whole of the UK. We can do better, and the honest truth is that we need to do better.

Landfill is still one of our favourite ways to get rid of waste, as the UK currently still sends 23% of all its waste directly to be buried beneath our gorgeous landscapes. This isn’t sustainable by any means, and new government targets sees this number needing to be cut down to 10% by 2035. At the rate the UK is going, it’s likely going miss the current target of 50% of waste recycled, so there is clearly work to be done on all fronts.

Given the survey done by, 80% of companies didn’t even have seperate bins for their waste, meaning that the exceptional work done by the British recycling and waste companies with regards to separation is key to the country pushing to achieve these essential targets. If there isn’t going to be any help from the public and companies who create waste, then the best of the best with regards to separation and processing technology is required for the waste industry, and RWM, on the 11th and 12th September at the NEC, will be the place to be to find this cutting edge tech.

The 25 Year Environmental Plan laid out a drive to eliminate avoidable waste by 2042. This includes packaging and single use waste, yet figures show that packaging recycling rates in 2016 were lower than those three years prior. Whether this is down to a lack of knowledge and action from the commercial end or a lack of capabilities and technology from the processing end, RWM is striving to solve this growing issue and increase Britain’s stagnating recycling rates across all forms of waste, avoidable or not.

Come September 2019 it will be clear whether Britain has the capabilities and the attitude to achieve a target that is seemingly slipping away from them. If you are able to supply the cutting edge in services, processing, collection, or logistics then get in touch and play your part in pushing Britain to become a leader for a cleaner world. If you are part of the 90% of businesses without a recycling plan, you owe it to yourself to attend RWM and see the benefits a recycling plan can bring to your business and indeed the world.

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