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WtE Boilers – Maximising Refractory Expectations – Not all Silicon Carbide Systems are the same.

Operational demands on WtE plant are many. Key among these are: long plant availability, short downtime and a highly efficient operation. Crucial to achieving these aims is the silicon carbide lining inside the combustion chamber.

“Not all Silicon Carbide Systems are The Same”

Typically of silicon carbide, the combustion chamber is expected to withstand elevated temperatures along with the corrosive & erosive conditions on the fire side while transferring heat, usually through membrane wall, with minimum temperature drop, passing energy downstream & generating electricity.

Silicon carbide with its excellent properties is an important base material that was discovered in our laboratories. As the world’s largest manufacturer, no other company knows this material better than SAINT- GOBAIN. While everyone knows it as a raw material, less appreciate the complexity of the bonding systems and the effect they have on the finished material installed in the combustion chamber.

Merely specifying ‘silicon carbide tiles’ can lead to less than ideal results including:

• Premature tile loss due to anchor corrosion

• Oxidation of the lining material

• Insulating ash/slag deposits reducing efficiency

• Risk of injury due to deposits falling when servicing/cleaning

• Frequent/major repairs leading to loss of burning time and revenue.

Details of the tile system installed and grade of silicon carbide are often overlooked. As a major factor influencing on-line availability, system installed and type of silicon carbide should be of primary concern. Saint-Gobain developed, over many years of experience, high end silicon carbides and their own patented T-Clip PRO tile system which will be exhibited at this year’s RWM. This gives maximum protection, from corrosive gases to the tube wall & anchors. When combined with our Refrax® TOP material it virtually eradicates ash/slag adhesion making it a thing of the past.

Oxidation resistance should also be considered. Coming in several forms, silicon carbide can be oxide bonded, nitride boned or modified oxy-nitried bonded to name a few. Each form having an effect on the characteristics and longevity of the tiles on the wall. Indeed the correct material mated with the best tile system can minimise oxidation and significantly extend comparable combustion chamber tile life.

Saint Gobain has developed tile systems and materials which, thanks to their outstanding oxidation, corrosion and erosion resistance will extend the life of your units and reduce repairs, giving excellent payback and increasing the profitability of your Waste to Energy plant. With customer expectations at an all- time high, we work continually to develop solutions plant by plant. Guiding clients through the process from specification and proposal to installation, working with their preferred installer to achieve truly optimum lining performance and become a partner of preference.

We are excited to exhibit at this year’s RWM show and look forward to working with you in the near future.

Saint-Gobain Industrial Ceramics manufacturing plant & offices in the UK are based in Rainford, St. Helens.

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