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What are the key principles of FM sustainable practice?

by: Nicola Meadows

Nicola meadows RWM event director    Nicola Meadows, RWM Event Director  

Knowledge is power when it comes to FM sustainable best practice. In practical terms, this means careful management of all resource streams flowing in and out of a facility – from energy and water to equipment, furniture and waste streams – and here data management and control is key.

After all, it is only by carefully analysing the streams of materials and resources entering a site that a facilities manager can get a handle on what can be reused and recycled when its purpose in the building has been completed. Working closely with suppliers is key to preventing waste from arising in the first place – buyers should be pressuring those who do not provide recyclable packaging, for instance, and keeping data records of bin collections for all waste and recycling streams.

The switch to digital is occurring across all facilities management processes from contract management, to oversight of recycling and waste streams, and energy efficiency. The latter has seen the roll out of smart meters and building controls, which are allowing more data to be collected on the efficiency and running costs of a building than ever before. Low energy lighting, occupancy sensors, intelligent HVAC control, smart circuit breakers and electricity meters can all drive down the energy demands of a facility, while providing highly accurate measurements of consumption.

...Independent verification is also a key ingredient for FMs striving to set the bar high in sustainability.

Independent verification is also a key ingredient for FMs striving to set the bar high in sustainability. The Carbon Trust’s new Standard for Zero Waste to Landfill certification recognises an organisation’s achievements in diverting waste streams through reuse, recycling and recovery.

It represents a robust new framework for verifying zero waste to landfill claims, offering independent and credible recognition of this achievement.

The Carbon Trust also offers a comprehensive set of guidelines backed by robust methodology that can help facilities managers develop a strategy for recovering and reusing what they previously may have considered disposable waste.

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