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by: RWM

The role of energy, renewables, water and waste in a smart city

The word on the street is Smart. Smart Cities, Smart Nations. But what does it mean? What is a Smart City? What are the benefits? How do we get smart, or smarter? Perhaps most importantly – what are the key opportunities for the energy, renewables, water and waste sectors?


This report covers:

1. The Effects of Urbanisation

How cities are adapting in order to become liveable, resilient, connected and sustainable.

2. Waste Management

Why has the way we collect waste not changed in decades?

3. Sustainable Water Management

Using smart meters and sensors to manage demand for water

4. Energy Usage

How real-time energy consumption data can help improve efficiency

5. The World’s Most Sustainable Cities

10 smart approaches to sustainability in Toronto, Berlin, Tokyo and others

6. Renewable Energy

Salzburg’s 2000m2 solar collector system, which supplies the Stadtwerk Lehen building project with hot water.

7. Digital Cities

Glasgow’s intelligent streetlights, which automatically turn ‘on’ and ‘off’ when people walk past.

8. Effective Resource Management

Integrating energy, transport and resource systems to improve investment outcomes.

9. From Smart City to Smart Nation

Singapore’s plan to empower people and businesses by increased access to data.



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