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RWM Dates & Opening Times

Wednesday 14th September 2022: 9.30am- 5pm
Thursday 15th September 2022: 9.15am- 4.30pm


How can I register?

The quickest way to register is on this website. Click here to register for the show

Is RWM free to attend?

Yes it is completely free to attend.

What halls is the event in?

The event is in Halls 17 - 20, plus a huge new outdoor area.

What other shows can I go into with my ticket?

Your ticket gives you access to all of the features at RWM, Letsrecycle Live, the Contamination and Geotech Expo and the Flood Expo..

Important ticket information

Tickets and the show guide are not being posted so please register and you can collect your ticket on the day.



How do I remove myself from the attendee list?

Hover over the three dots in the top right corner next to your name. Click settings. Click the Account & Privacy tab. Select no on the three options on the privacy section.

How do I arrange meetings and message other visitors and exhibitors?

To arrange a meeting or message a visitor, click on to the attendee list. Click on a specific contact and then click send message or request appointment.

To arrange a meeting or message and exhibitor click on to the Exhibitors tab on the left hand side. Click on the name of an exhibitor and then click send message or request appointment. To request an appointment with a specific contact, click onto that persons name.

How do I download my agenda?

Go to the My Event tab on the left hand side. Click the save all as PDF button.



Who will be exhibiting?

Click here to view the exhibitor list for RWM.

Can my company exhibit?

If you are interested in exhibiting at RWM, please email or enquire here.


Seminars & show features

How many seminars are there?

There are approximately 100 seminars across the two days.

Are seminars free to attend?

Yes, seminars are free of charge to attend.

Are seminars ticketed?

No, you will receive tickets on the door which grant access to all seminars however they run on a first come first serve basis so make sure you get there in plenty of time.

How long do seminars last?

Seminars last anything between 30 mins to 1 hour 30 mins.


How will I receive my CPD points?

On registration if you have expressed your interest in CPD the event organisers will pass your participation across to CPD along with how many seminars you attended. We track this via the badge scanners at the entrance of the theatres. CPD will then contact you with your certificate up to 60 days after the event via the email address you registered under.

Getting there & the NEC

How do I get there?

The NEC is just 10 minutes by train from the centre of Birmingham and easily accessible by car. Find out more on our dedicated travel page.

Where can I park?

There are enough parking spaces at the NEC for all visitors. You can pre book parking here.

What catering facilities are there at the NEC?

There is a wide range of catering facilities at the NEC. Please see here for a full list of places to eat. There will also be catering facilities and the RWM Pub in the outdoor RWM Arena.

What are the disabled facilities?

As a world class exhibition venue, the NEC is accessible. For more information visit the NEC disabled visitor's page

What else is there to do in the local area?

After visiting RWM why not spend some time in Birmingham? Take some time out to experience and explore Birmingham's rich history and culture. 


Visa Policy

We cannot issue letters of invitation to visitors for visa purposes. Once you have registered for the event via the event website you will receive a confirmation email which should be sufficient for visa applications.