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16 & 17 SEPT 2020


The UK's Largest Recycling & Waste Management Exhibition

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16 & 17 SEPT 2020 - NEC, BIRMINGHAM

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ZoneSafe specialises in workplace safety technology. Committed to working with customers to reduce collision risks between vehicles and personnel, we develop effective safety management solutions using innovative products.

With a unique modular system, we specialise in the implementation and installation of safety products, using active RFID detection technology. We also manage mitigation of risk using a cloud-based management software solution.

Our innovative technology uses vibration, audio and visual alerts to warn pedestrians and drivers when they are in danger of a collision.

Our suite of products:

• Vehicle to Person Alert.
A Proximity Detection System, this detects personnel working in close proximity to industrial vehicles, reducing the risk of accidental collisions and serious injuries.

• Walkway & Crossing Alert.
The Vehicle Detector Unit (VDU) reduces accidental collisions using audible and visual warnings, ensuring that your pedestrian worker is aware of oncoming vehicles on the walkway or crossing. The VDU can also project a warning image on any floor. This makes workers aware of oncoming vehicles and moving machinery.

• Personnel Access Control.
Manage access control for your personnel through doors, gates, barriers and turnstiles using hands-free RFID technology.

• Asset Protection/Hazard Warning
Protect all assets from collisions from vehicles (such as aircraft and baggage handling equipment) - or warn pedestrians from being struck by objects from workers at height (such as pylon engineers).

• Insight Data Management
ZoneSafe Insight is a cloud-based management system that works with all ZoneSafe applications. Insight identifies, monitors and logs all site activity, enabling easy analysis of potential incidents on your site, such as near-miss occurrences and high risk activities.

Tel: 01202 868 000

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