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Stand: R-M162

TrueCircle uses AI to empower recyclers, providing them with real-time, actionable insight on the efficiency of their facility.

Our solutions are transforming the recycling industry by helping recycling facilities waste less and earn more.

We install simple cameras above input and output lines at recycling facilities and connect them to our AI machine learning engine. This allows us to do automatic composition analysis by weight for each line, covering 100% of the facility’s tonnage, as opposed to 0.05%. We capture and present this data in a live dashboard instantly, allowing operations teams to spot issues quickly and take action.

Recycling facilities process thousands of tonnes of material every year, but they do so blindly - they have no visibility of what they put onto their belts or what they produce. We have built a super low cost vision system that takes less than two hours to install and in no time starts tagging and categorising every single item on the conveyor belt below, providing 95% accurate composition by weight.

We have also built a B2B Marketplace, enabling suppliers to easily list their output material, alongside all relevant data, and get the best price for it from credible buyers, quickly.


125 Kingsway
United Kingdom
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