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BIOPALE ENERGY-SARETCO is a French constructor of furnace with grates, in the field of energy for industrial and municipal waste.

Specialized in optimized combustion BIOPALE ENERGY-SARETCO is moreover a technical draft and design office which uses technology, adapts it and invents it when necessary, to put special alloys on the market. These alloys are able to withstand high temperatures, mechanical abrasions, oxidation wear, aggressive environments, repeated shocks, and extreme conditions encountered in all types of furnace.

The control of combustion requires taking into account parameters not only from technical engineering, but also from mechanical and metallurgical engineering.

BIOPALE ENERGY-SARETCO 's motto since its inception in 1985, is always don't waste your waste.

Faced the exponential incineration technology his main goal is to bring most energy value to waste.

Therefore, grate upgrading studies became necessary to allow furnaces to process any solid product at maximum combustion optimization and efficiency.

A well-made grate allows for:

1 / a longevity of the bars
2 / a saving on maintenance
3 / avoid a loss of energy for a better optimization of the combustion.

Tel: 0033 (0)3 21 87 28 88

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