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Sabien Technology

Sabien Technology

Stand: 4A20-B21
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Sabien is a leading provider of energy reduction technologies to the UK commercial heating sector. Organisations using gas, oil and LPG to heat space and water can significantly reduce their energy consumption and carbon emissions by fitting our patented M2G Boiler Load Optimisation control and M1G Direct Fired Hot Water control for gas fired commercial boilers and hot water generators.

Sabien is the UK’s exclusive distributor for EndoTherm a CIBSE award winning heating additive. EndoTherm improves the rate of heat transfer by increasing the contact area on the wet-side of boiler plant and system pipework. It is compatible with leading industry inhibitors, non-corrosive and is 100% organic.  

M2G, M1G and EndoTherm are proven to reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions of commercial and industrial boilers and direct fired hot water heaters by between 10% and 25%, with typical paybacks in under 2 years.

Drawing from 12 years of industry experience, Sabien provides Clients with end-to-end project management from the Piloting phase to full nationwide deployment. 

Clients include: AVIVA, BT, Lincolnshire County Council, MOD, Salford University, NHS Tayside, Renfrewshire County Council and IMechE



Sabien Technology Limited
34 Clarendon Road
WD17 1JJ
United Kingdom

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  • EndoTherm
  • Sabien’s M2G boiler load optimisation control
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  • Sabien Technology announces its appointment by Endo Enterprises (UK) as the exclusive distributor for EndoTherm, a proven heating additive for commercial multi-site heating systems in the UK.


    23 Aug 2017 Tony Willis - Sabien's Technical Director Sabien Technology

    When tackling energy waste across a diverse estate it makes sense to consider a consistent solution that can be applied to all built assets – large and small. Tony Willis of Sabien Technology explains

2 Results
  • Following the installation of EndoTherm a proven commercial heating additive and using the hospital’s consumption data and regional degree day data a reduction of 13.7% gas consumption was calculated.

  • Following the installation of EndoTherm a proven commercial heating additive and using the leisure centres consumption data and regional degree day data a reduction of 17.9% gas consumption was calculated.

  • Verifying the success of an energy-saving project requires a holistic approach that takes account of all variables, says David Bakst*.




    07 Jul 2016 Tony Willis - Sabien's Technical Director Sabien Technology

    With many organisations having already implemented obvious energy-saving measures, additional so-called ‘quick fixes’ using retrofit technologies have considerable appeal. When they deliver on their promises, these technologies offer significant additional savings for a low capital investment with a short payback period.

    The challenge is to ensure that such technologies will achieve the anticipated energy savings. A key element, therefore, is to understand how the technology works – and be convinced that the underlying technical principles make sense. You will also need to be reassured that any such technology will not negatively impact the existing heating systems to which it’s being applied.

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